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Why eHealthTrust is Important
Doctors, nurses and EMTs need your current health information in an emergency.

Do I need a Health Record bank?
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How to Get Started
1. Register for your FREE Basic Account.
    Includes a free ICE card.
2. Log-in using the ID and PIN that you receive
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3. Complete your profile. You
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How to Get Even More
Upgrade to Premium membeship:
♦ All the benefits of the Free Basic Account
♦ Collection of medical records
♦ Prescription history directly from the pharmacy
♦ Complete control of all your information
♦ Lab results directly from the labs

Upgrade to Premium Plus membership:
♦ All the benefits of the Free Basic Account
♦ All the benefits of the Premium Account
♦ Emergency Room Peace of Mind Alerts
♦ Prescription Refill Reminders
♦ Medical Reminders
Your Health Information. All in One Place. Automatically.