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"I have worked as a telecommunications and data communications and tele-medicine expert for AT&T for over 20 years. I see the immediate benefits of Electronic Health Records as helping to save lives for individuals, lowering risk, liability and insurance costs for providers, reducing time and costs for maintaining and updating medical records, providing a single, secure place for storage and maintenance of these records. I envision E-Health Trust as “The Model” for the future of medical records storage and maintenance on a national and international basis; so that just as with the Internet today, there is immediate access to all of my records and my family's records, no matter where I am or what time it may be. Unlike the Internet, these records are safe and secure."
David Daniels
"eHealthTrust offers all of us an unprecedented opportunity to access and share our healthcare records. Their consumer centric, health record banking approach promises complete, accurate and secure records by seamlessly connecting with each of my healthcare providers. My family and I have looked forward to the day when we can easily access our health information and send it to our caregivers ensuring they have the most complete and accurate information on which to base decisions. With eHealthTrust, that day has come." Dave K., Hospital CIO
"I like eHealthTrust because it empowers parents to make informed choices about our children's healthcare. This is especially helpful if you have to change doctors. eHealthTrust makes it easy!"
Toni Veeman, Ph.D. in Public Health and mother of two
"As my entire family gets older, we're visiting more and different healthcare providers, and there is too much information to remember on my own. eHealthTrust helps us stay to stay organized - one place to go to recall what medications and dosages we were prescribed and when, what our last cholesterol test scores were, and even obtain a copy of an emergency department discharge summary. It helps me have more informed and productive discussions with our doctors." Brad T.
"HealthTrust makes it easy to keep all of my family's health records organized in one safe and secure location! As a busy working mom of a son with Autism, it's nice to have all of our specialists, therapists and doctors records and medications all in one place! Signing up was so easy too!" Martha Z.
"My wife has vertigo and went to a specialist who was 'out-of-network'. Her 'in-network' physician group was partially electronic but getting the data to take to the specialist was a hassle, not complete, and not timely - a health record bank really would have helped in the coordination of her care." Mark B.
"HealthtTrust is such a valuable tool for managing personal healthcare and prescriptions. I wish we had known about eHealthTrust earlier. eHealthTrust could possibly have prevented a life-threatening condition caused by prescribed drug interactions." Jordan H.
"My family has lived in four states over the past 10 years and gathering medical records each time we move has been a real pain. Having an eHealthTrust account will save me valuable time, money (the fees doctors charge for copies of records is ridiculous) and hassle if we move again." Alyse V.

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