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Premium Plus Account
        $39 per year (upgrade from Premium Account)

Alerts and Reminders
Get the most from your ehealthTrust Account with medical emergency room alerts, medical and wellness reminders and prescription alerts!
Premium Plus Membership
Alerts and Reminders to notify you when:

♦ A loved one is seen in an Emergency Room
♦ Your prescription is due for refill or renewal,
   or has been recalled
♦ It's time for your yearly medical exams,
   tests or appointments
♦ Includes all the benefits of the Basic
   and Premium Accounts
♦ After initial data collection fee of $99, your
   cost is $39/year.
No data collection fee if upgrading

Emergency Room
Peace of Mind Alerts
If a loved one receives treatment in an emergency room, you will be automatically notified by cell phone and/or email.
Medical and Wellness
Receive email reminders when it is time for yearly medical exams, tests or appointments
Receive reminders when your prescriptions are ready for refill and take advantage of the eHealthTrust "One-Click Refill." You will also receive alerts if your prescriptions have been recalled.
Your Health Information. All in One Place. Automatically.