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How do I get all of my information into my account?

Can my whole family's information be in one account?

Can my whole family's information be in one account?

Who has access to my account records?

If I am incapacitated and go to the hospital, how will emergency medical personnel gain access to my information?

How can I know when a loved one is seen in the emergency room?

How does my doctor gain access to my account?

Will my name be sold or my information used for research purposes?

How does this reduce medical errors?

How does my doctor put information into my account?

How does this reduce medical costs?

How much does it cost to have an account?

What happens to my records if I choose to switch Electronic Medical Record companies?

Will I receive an insurance-type card with my information?

What other services are available?

How is my information secured?

What if I have paper records that I want to upload myself?

What if I can't upload the paper records myself? Can you help me with it?

Can I print out my records?

Are there specific computer and Internet requirements?

Why is having an eHealthTrust account important?

How do I set up an eHealthTrust account?

Can my pharmacy be linked to my account so that my prescriptions get automatically filled or refilled?

Can x-rays, MRIs, etc. be stored in my account?

Can my insurance information and coverage be stored in my account?

Are health insurance companies involved with eHealthTrust?

Can my record be accessed when I am traveling?

How does it improve public health?

Will my account keep track of vaccinations?

How is this different from Microsoft HealthVault or Google Health?

Will my employer have access to my medical information?

Is eHealthTrust a non-profit entity?

Are the drug companies involved?

Is the government involved?

How do I earn interest on my account?

Can I skip the clipboard hassle when visiting my doctors?

How does this service help medical researchers?

Can I opt out of advertisements?

Can I sign up through my employer?

How does it help my community?

Can I see my test results online?

How a Health Record Bank (HRB) Works.