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About eHealthTrust
eHealthTrust was founded by nationally-recognized physicians and healthcare informaticians to ensure that the complete health records of patients are available anytime at any point of care, while enforcing the highest standards of patient privacy.

eHealthTrust is committed to offering free, comprehensive electronic health records for life and to providing financial assistance to participating physicians. eHealthTrust is establishing community-based Health Record Banks in major metropolitan areas in the U.S., in accordance with the guidelines set by the Health Record Banking Alliance.

A Health Record Bank is a consolidated data repository of patients' health records for a given community. This includes both the Electronic Medical Records generated by physicians and patients' own Personal Health Records.

eHealthTrust returns a significant portion of profits to the communities through partnerships. eHealthTrust also matches contributions to provide free data collection to disadvantaged patients.

eHealthTrust has patents pending for protection on certain key aspects of its core model including offering incentives for depositing data into patient's HRB accounts.

eHealthTrust is aggressively partnering with key vendors that already have an existing "piece of the puzzle." Contact us or call 888-669-1679.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide consumers and medical professionals with an easily-accessible, reliable and secure online repository of comprehensive, patient-controlled medical records to improve the quality of care provided to patients, and to decrease medical errors and expenses.

Our Values
Security - Our technology will be continually upgraded so our customers are provided with the best online security possible.
Integrity - We will use the highest of ethical standards in all our actions.
Value - Offering consumers free online health records for life. Offering physicians free electronic medical record systems.
Fairness - A holistic approach rewarding all contributors and participants with value exceeding their investment.
Independence – We are not affiliated with or influenced by any partisan entities, including insurance, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies to enable impartial service to patients and physicians.
Community - Our service is a community asset. Better medicine can be practiced; therefore, the lives of community members are enhanced and could ultimately be saved.
Philanthropy - For every referred account, eHealthTrust will provide free data collection fees and health records for life to an underprivileged member of the community.

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